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Hey there, dear readers. I have a little bit o’ exciting news to share with you all.

Over on Goodreads, there’s a Holly Freakin’ Hughes giveaway happening right this second. It will end on the 19th, so be sure to check it out now if you’re interested.

I promise a real entry will be coming soon. Been a wee bit busy, you know what I mean?

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Holly Freakin' Hughes

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Holly Freakin’ Hughes is LIVE!


Today is the day, folks. Today is the day that Holly Freakin’ Hughes went live on Amazon. Today is the day I feel like a real author. It’s an incredible feeling, it’s a stressful feeling, it’s…honestly amazing.

It’s funny, actually. I was saying to my sisters earlier that I feel as though something big should have changed in the world on this day. A shifting of the planets or a changing of the Earth’s overall climate. Something, anything. Yet, I woke up today, and everything seemed the same. The time still changed as it always had, the humidity fogged up my eyeballs the way that it always did in the middle of the ass-swampy summer… Initially, I’ll be honest – I was disappointed. I mean, in my mind, there should have been parades. Fireworks. Air shows. Where was the goddamn marching band, trumpeting a rousing rendition of “We Are the Champions”?

But then… Sitting here, on my bed, working on the next book… I felt it. The world is different, if only in a small way. Because you know why? I’m out there now. I’ve made my debut, and this is only the beginning.

You can order Holly Freakin’ Hughes NOW on Amazon HERE:
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Holly Freakin’ Hughes Soundtrack

So, in addition to being an incredibly kickass writer, I am also a music lover (as you might have gathered from posts like THIS or THIS). Music is an incredibly important part of my life – an incredibly important part of who I am as a person – and so, I pretty much make soundtracks for everything. My books are no exception.

I thought it would be a fun little thing to list the songs and accompanying YouTube videos for the songs that helped to create Holly Freakin’ Hughes. I thought I could do this for every book I release, because trust me – every book has a soundtrack. Every piece of my writing is in some part inspired by music, most scenes are set to a song, and I’d like to share that with you all.

So, without further ado…
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Pre-Order Holly Freakin’ Hughes NOW!

The time has come, my little ones, to celebrate the pre-order of my first ever full-length novel, Holly Freakin’ Hughes.

Honestly, I can hardly believe I’m at this point in my life. I mean, if you had told me a year ago today that I would be sitting here, announcing that my book was available for pre-order, I’d say, “Dude, you’re cray-cray.” Yet, here I am, announcing that my book is available for pre-order. Indeed, it is cray-cray.

So, at this point in time, my dearest Holly Freakin’ Hughes is only available as a Kindle book. Soon, it will be available in other formats (paperback, Nook, iBook, etc.), but because Kindle was quite honestly the easiest format to go with, that’s where I’m at first. Below, I have provided the links for you to go, go, go pre-order, if you so desire. It would mean the world.

This shit is cray-cray.



So, I come bearing exciting news today!

My debut novel, Holly Freakin’ Hughes, will be available on AUGUST 1ST of this year. Pre-order link and cover reveal will be coming very soon, but for now, you’ll have to be happy with the release date.

I cannot wait for my baby to get to everybody who cares to read it. I cannot wait for everybody to fall in love with my characters the way I love them. I. CANNOT. WAIT.

At Ben’s Door: Excerpt

As I’m sitting here, editing until my eyes bleed, I thought I would share with you all an excerpt. Enjoy!


Standing outside the door, I inhaled and exhaled slowly before knocking, making a conscious effort to clear my brain of anything but excitement for the night ahead. I told myself that Brandon didn’t want me, Brandon was only a friend, and with a final deep breath, I knocked.

As if he had been waiting right on the other side, the door flew open. There to greet me was Ben and three large tail-wagging Labrador Retrievers, two black and one yellow. The three beasts pushed past Ben, tripping up his legs as they rushed toward me; pushing against me with their huffing black noses and slobbering mouths.

One of them, the biggest of the black dogs, jumped up to rest his heavy paws against my chest. A thick tongue lapped out of his wide mouth to slurp over my face. My eyes squeezed shut through the sloppy assault, hovering somewhere between amusement and panic. After regaining his balance, Ben grabbed the dog by the collar and gently pulled him back to the ground.

“Jesus, Rocky, that’s not how we make friends,” Ben told the dog, crouching next to the excited animal, mushing his snout affectionately with his hands before standing to flash me a genuine grin.

“Hey, I’m sorry about that. We don’t get too many strangers around here. I hope you’re not afraid of dogs,” he said, apparently noticing the way I clutched my hands to my chest in an attempt to guard myself from the watering mouths of his hellhounds.

“O-oh, no, I, uh, I-I …” I closed my eyes, taking a deep controlled breath. I opened them again to Ben scratching the ears of the dog named Rocky, and I smiled then. “Let me try that again. No, I’m not afraid of dogs. I just wasn’t really expecting that to be the first kiss I got tonight, but you know, here we are.”

“Rocky just has a thing for the ladies, but here, let me make it up to you.” And before I knew what was happening, he was standing and snaking an arm around my waist. He pulled me into him to press his lips firmly against mine for all of a couple seconds before backing away with a dimpled grin. “Better?”

“Much,” I said with a relaxed smile.

Brandon who?

First Chapters of Holly Freakin’ Hughes REVEALED

With the release of Holly Freakin’ Hughes, my debut novel about finding happiness in your own crappy situation, rapidly approaching, I thought it was time to treat you all to a little somethin’ in the form of the FIRST. TWO. CHAPTERS. of Holly Freakin’ Hughes.

I’m pumped, guys. I am so freakin’ pumped for this to land into the hands, hearts, and Kindles of whoever is willing to give it a read. This book… This book is as close to being my baby as anything has come before (well, aside from my cats, but you know). This book has brought me happiness, tears, frustration, anxiety, and an overdose of pride. I hope that you will share in that with me, and enjoy this little sneak peak.

Stay tuned to this blog (you can even subscribe, if you haven’t already) for upcoming news about Holly Freakin’ Hughes, such as a…RELEASE DATE. (Oh, my God.)

To read the FIRST TWO CHAPTERS of Holly Freakin’ Hughes, CLICK HERE.