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First Chapters of Holly Freakin’ Hughes REVEALED

With the release of Holly Freakin’ Hughes, my debut novel about finding happiness in your own crappy situation, rapidly approaching, I thought it was time to treat you all to a little somethin’ in the form of the FIRST. TWO. CHAPTERS. of Holly Freakin’ Hughes.

I’m pumped, guys. I am so freakin’ pumped for this to land into the hands, hearts, and Kindles of whoever is willing to give it a read. This book… This book is as close to being my baby as anything has come before (well, aside from my cats, but you know). This book has brought me happiness, tears, frustration, anxiety, and an overdose of pride. I hope that you will share in that with me, and enjoy this little sneak peak.

Stay tuned to this blog (you can even subscribe, if you haven’t already) for upcoming news about Holly Freakin’ Hughes, such as a…RELEASE DATE. (Oh, my God.)

To read the FIRST TWO CHAPTERS of Holly Freakin’ Hughes, CLICK HERE.

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