hoping for hemingway

Hoping for Hemingway is LIVE!!!

Sometime in the spring, I watched a Hemingway documentary on PBS. Sometime between the beginning and the end, I began to daydream about a woman named Clara. An older woman, somewhere in her forties. Someone picky with high standards, who has never found a man worthy of her affections. Until she meets a younger man… Continue reading Hoping for Hemingway is LIVE!!!

warrior blue

Warrior Blue is here!

This right here is my most special book yet. I wrote it directly from my soul, and I grew with every word written. I am so beyond excited for it to finally be out in the world, and I cannot wait for you to read it. So, if you're into... Emotional, gripping stories, Poetry-writing, brooding,… Continue reading Warrior Blue is here!

forget the stars

Forget the Stars is LIVE!

GUESS WHAT! My latest novel, FORGET THE STARS, is now available for purchase on Amazon and free with Kindle Unlimited. So, if you're into... Second Chances. Rock Stars. Vulnerable Heroes. Friends-to-Lovers ...this might be the book for you. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE/DOWNLOAD NOW **From August 26 to September 26, 2019, 10% of ALL proceeds will… Continue reading Forget the Stars is LIVE!

daisies & devin, the life we wanted

I’m having a book sale, y’all!

Attention, romance lovers everywhere! I have TWO books for 99 cents right now. That's right - TWO. Daisies & Devin and The Life We Wanted are each only 99 cents for a very, very limited time. So, if you've been just dying to check out a couple of my favorite rock stars, now's the perfect… Continue reading I’m having a book sale, y’all!

forget the stars

Hey! Book Bloggers!

So, I have a new book coming soon. Like, really soon. Like, next month soon. And while I always love and appreciate the support I receive for my books with every release, I really need help in spreading the word about this one. If you're a fan of The Life We Wanted, Daisies & Devin,… Continue reading Hey! Book Bloggers!

tell me goodnight

Tell Me Goodnight is LIVE!

My next book, TELL ME GOODNIGHT, is available NOW! This might be one of my highest praised books, or at least according to my ARC readers. I'm very excited about this one, and incredibly proud that I can call it mine. So, if you're into... ♥ Sensitive musicians ♥ Single dads ♥ Poetic prose ♥… Continue reading Tell Me Goodnight is LIVE!

the life we wanted

The Life We Wanted is LIVE!

My newest book baby, THE LIFE WE WANTED, is available NOW, and can I just say I'm ridiculously excited for this one to be out in the world? If you're into rock stars... If you're into small town romance... If you're into single dads... If you're into enemies to lovers... If you're into happy endings...… Continue reading The Life We Wanted is LIVE!

the life we wanted

The Life We Wanted COVER REVEAL!

LOOK AT WHAT I HAVE! The Life We Wanted has a freakin' COVER. It also has a blurb. And I am really, really excited about both. This bad boy is coming next month, January 2019. I hope you'll sign up for my newsletter (linked below) to receive updates on when it's being released. Also! I… Continue reading The Life We Wanted COVER REVEAL!